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X-box, Musical Instruments, Cameras, Furniture, Treadmill, Books, Formal Suits - Many of us own things we don't use or need as frequently.

Rent them out with Rentezee to earn that quick money and #DeclutterYourLife.


Know How Much You Can Earn With Rentezee

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Be a Seeder for the RZ Community

Start uploading your stuff that you don’t use. Simple.

How to share?

Click. Upload. Set - It's as simple as that. Snap a shot of the product you wish to rent out, add a few details and set the desired rental plan. Make the images of your product as beautiful as possible.

Who will rent?

You decide whom to rent it out to. You will receive notifications when your product gains interest from trusted peers. Browse through the verified profile information of the peers who book your product. Accepting or decline their request – up to you!

How will we help?

We have the right tools and resources for you! Once the order is confirmed by you, we take care of the payment, delivery and the pickup of the product. Just sit back and start renting out!

We Have Your Back

Rentezee makes it secure for you to earn off your idle assets

RZ Seeder Insurance

An exclusive gift for our seeders, the RZ Seeder Insurance protects your product from any accidental damage. Stay stress free and keep earning. Every seeder on Rentezee is eligible for coverage up to 50% of the MRP of the product, subject to verified causes of the accident and the product itself.

A Trusted Community

We require verified credentials in the form of approved Government IDs from our peers. There is also syncing with social profiles – Facebook & Linkedin. After renting, seeders and peers rate and review each other, keeping everyone accountable.

More Than Money

The extra income is just one of the benefits. Be a part of a supportive community consisting of like minded people. Connect, engage, learn, make new friends. Let’s build a community of people who live the smart life!

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