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  • We all feel cash-strapped at various points in our lives. It’s time we change that.
  • On RentEzee, earn by renting out what you already own and save by renting what you need.
  • The process is fairly simple, and it is all in your hands.
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Be a Seeder or a Peer. Or Both.

As a Seeder, you can upload anything you own that you can rent out to a trusted community of verified profiles- clothes, electronics, furniture, party games, etc. As a Peer, rent anything you wish to use at a fraction of its original cost. Earn money and save money - all on one platform!

Let RentEzee Handle It All

Once you upload a product on rent, RZ takes care of your Peer verification, order scheduling, delivery and pick up. All you need to do is simply approve the order request you receive or place an order after completing the QC process. No running around to get the products.

Everyone is verified

Our community is filled with genuine people who wish to change their earning and saving habits. Our members are recommended to fill up their profiles and upload documentation for better transparency.

Your Benefits


We all have many things piled up at home we don’t use as frequently. Lending them out help declutter your space while making money out of it. You also don’t need to invest heavily on things you may not need as regularly- just reach out to RentEzee and save thousands and lakhs!

Earn More With Incentives

The seeders get an opportunity to multiply their earnings by completing earning slabs. For example, if you earn Rs 5000 in a month by renting out, you may end up earning Rs. 10000 on the platform.

Make New Friends

You can follow and interact with like-minded individuals who live around you. Connect with them over similarity in age group and likes and make new friends.

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