About RentEzee

RentEzee is a Peer – to – Peer renting platform that enables you to earn money while sitting at home. Rent out stuff you don’t (want to) use anymore. Connect with like-minded peers who want to use your products and have a premium experience. You think that dress, that book, that guitar, those board games were a waste, gathering dust? Now sit back and enjoy as they start earning you money


Meet The Team

Akshit Kumar

The Mad Scientist

Co - founder & CEO

IIT Roorkee

University of Sussex

Product Manager, FITPASS

Jnanendra Veer

The Binary Geek

Co - founder & CTO

BSc Chemistry | MCA

8+ years of programming experience

Tech Lead , FITPASS

Satyyam Srivastava

The Seasoned Pro

Co - founder & COO

IIT Delhi

Assistant manager, Knowlarity

Manager, Pluss App