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About RentEzee

RentEzee is a Peer to Peer Rental Marketplace where you can earn money by renting out your products to verified users, who need to use them.
You can also rent from 20,000+ Quality Checked products at an affordable rental price.


Quality Checked Products

Every product is checked for Quality & Functionality by our logistics team. After the 21-point checklist is complete, the product is delivered to you.


Verified Users

All our users are verified through a 5-step process, that includes call verification, and scanned copies of Aadhar ID and Local Address Proof.


Doorstep Logistics

Chill at home, leave the heavy lifting to us! Pickups, Deliveries and Reverse-Pickups, all is done by us.


Passive Income

Earn money from your idle assets, just rent them out to verified users on RentEzee. Easiest money you will ever make!


Save Money

Get luxury, branded products at an affordable rental price, and save 90% of your costs! Still want to wait for the Big Billion Day?


Make Friends

Be a part of this awesome community of people who choose to live a smarter, asset-light, clutter-free life!

How The App Works?


Signup or Login with your Google or Facebook/Linkedin accounts. We also do an extra step of verification via OTP. This is part of our user verification process.

Rent Out

Rent out your product in 3 easy steps - Upload good quality images, write a brief description, and mention thesecurity deposit/rent you want for your product.


Luxury goods like drones & Dior bags? Or need-based products like beds and tables? Get all of them at an affordable rental price & save 90% of your money. Pay for what you use, not what you own!

Join The Community

See what your peers are renting out and renting. Like, comment, share, follow - join the community that lives the smart life!

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The best way to EARN money is to SAVE it.

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